Massi after an intense work out

Massi is the wide reciever for the OceanRug Carpet Steamers football team. He is best friends with Beef & Blake and considered their right hand man. He is dating Melanie, a member of the dance team at ORHS. Massi is known for his quick talking, intelligent dialogue to which everyone always seems to understand. Massi is constantly getting in trouble with the guys, but doesn't seem to mind as he

Beef and Massi after a football game

loves the gang.

General Information

Gender: Male

Age: 17

'Hair Color: 'Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'11

Occupation(s): Student, Drive Thru Operator

Alias(s): Massi, N-Dawg

Family and Relationships

Father: Jeff Massi

Mother: Luanne Massi

Girlfriend: Melanie Peters

Friends: Blake Young, Beef Spencer, Bob Gaudio, Tommy Devito, Frankie Valli

Enemies: Superintendent Boone

Other Info

Clique: Jocks, Football Team

Education: OceanRug Senior High School

Strengths: Brain, Football skills

Weaknesses: The alphabet